La Farinata

Our Brand “LA FARINATA ®” represents the Spanish woman beauty. A woman coming from
Andalucía with southern traits and a browned caramel skin marked by the sunlight. She has jet-black
hair, green and almonds shaped eyes, marked lips and a smiling mouth. She is beautiful and
attractive. In her eyes you will find a unique expression, her gaze is unforgettable. This woman
spreads joy, grace, sociability, optimism. She is proud of her land, of its people and of course of its
custom. All this together makes her fully enjoy small pleasures of life; even the simplest ones will be
turned into special ones.
La Farinata gathers all main features that symbolize the pure-blooded Andalusian woman, the one
that is delighted tasting the best food of her land and fully enjoy life, as we say in Spanish: “Comerse
la vida a bocaos”.
The name comes from Salamanca, in fact colloquially speaking we call the locals from Mirobriga
“Farinatos and Farinatas. It refers to the typical charcuterie from Salamanca named “El Farinato”.
Fried eggs and scrambled eggs mixed with Farinato are the typical dishes of this region of Ciudad
There’s another region that inspired me this unique woman: Extremadura. Passing by neighboring
lands, coming across Its Mangurrinas and Belloteras fields, Extremadura region drew my attention:
his love and kindness are one of a kind. It came naturally to put together the pureness of the
Andalusian woman and the character of the Extremadura woman. And of course, my heart and blood
origins also influenced my drawing idea.
From a national, but even more from an international perspective, this tasty mix represents the image
of a Spanish woman. Indeed, foreigners see the Spanish women as strong character ones, hard
workers and always served with an extraordinary and Mediterranean beauty, they see them as real
Music also inspired me. I was listening to Sevillana “Anhelo” a sevillana: a typical Andalusian style
of music. It’s a very old song, very popular and successful in Spain. D.Rafael del Estad is the singer
song-writer of this song, he’s one of the most important Flamenco and Sevillanas singer and writer
of Sevilla. This song inspired me, enjoying his rhythm, I started to draw this beautiful face and the
draft started to turn into an image…
These chimeras today come true. “LA FARINATA ®” is registered at the central patent and
trademark office in Madrid.

This woman is the perfect image to represent internationally our high-quality range of products
coming from Spain. In nowadays, these products are commercialized in the national and
international market Its logo and commercial name is “LA FARINATA ®”.
All these dreams come true surely thanks to our five Angels. My four born “Farinatos” and my pure
“Andaluza” woman, with an innate empathy and an extraordinary people skill….
This image represents your instilled values, your kindness, your proud coming from the heart, and of
course my owns unique ideas …
Thanks for your love, thanks for teaching me what life and humility means. Thanks for all the
opportunities you gave me, and of course thanks for the strength and ideas you passed down to me
that now make my ambitions come reality. I’m proud to be a Farinato from La Sierra de Gata and an
adopted Andaluz thanks to you all.
Here is my wink �� “LA FARINATA®” This one is for you guys


This classic Sevillana is also a very special song, it has a strong poetic connotation, here are the
original lyrics:

Entre las entretelas
De mi sentío
Entre las entretelas
De mi sentío
Vive una mujer
Que es el sueño mío
Que es el sueño mío
Y cierro los ojos
Y la estoy besando
Y cuando los abro
La sigo buscando
Morena tiene que ser
Con ojos negros rajaos
Talle fino de mujer
Labios acaramelaos
Y dulces como la miel ...
Singer-song writer: D. Rafael Del Estad Vargas (Sevilla – 1938/2013)