Our Team
Just Launch and Learn!!
Thanks to an enterprising, young and multicultural team, we have been able to reach a national and
international public. We offer a large range of products: the best wines with designation of origin,
Iberian Charcuterie, Bellota Ham, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other exclusive products with
designation of origin, such as an unique beer made with Jerez wine, an exceptional artisanal coffee
liqueur from Cordoba and of course the best French Champagne A.O.C, and the incomparable
Saffron under the PDO La Mancha Saffron.
Our guideline is unique and won’t change for all our range of products. We base it in 5 fundamental
pillars always referring to quality: the link between artisanal, quality, natural texture, exhaustive
selection and the taste of professional palate. Thanks to a strict and professional selection of all our
products we expanded our offer to the world.
We want to be the link between YOU and THE BEST QUALITY
At ANBOBASE, we are the representatives of exclusive Spanish products, quality guaranteed, 100%
Spanish. We are also representing the artisanal, authentic and the best products of our land. We are
the link between Spain and any consumer from East to West and from South to North. We offer an
"MERCHANTS OF HIGH QUALITY".  Our target is crystal clear: to guarantee to our final local
customers or international ones: “THE BEST OF THE EXCELLENCE”