About us

The LOVE for my land, and my devotion for artisanal products inspired me this idea: chose the
best food of every branch and classify them under the aureole of Designation of Origin “made in Spain”.
I was born in Salamanca countryside, I’m a real Charro. Destiny drove me to the south and Andalucía
adopted me. Years passing by, I travelled all over the world and during this voyage called life, I started
thinking on a commercial name for my brand. The idea was to gather the best Spanish products, tasted
and approved by the best experts of each branch, and to offer them not only to locals but also to
Mediterranean gastronomy lovers. Finally, the commercial name was decided: “ANDOBASE®”.
Since 2015, me and my partners started to commercialized wines with Designation of Origin LA RIOJA,
coming from a family bodega: BODEGAS HNOS. LOZANO y BODEGAS TRODOS QUATTRO,
located in Cordovín, a little village in La Rioja. Our success leaded to expand our DO wines products
offer, adding DOCa Rioja such as CUNA DE REYES y FINCA VALDEGUINEA both coming from
At the same time, we started offering other Designation of Origins wines as Rueda, Ribera del Duero, ....
and we launched our own commercial brand named “SALMANTICE®” for all our DOCa Rioja. We
also registered “LA FARINATA®” including all our food products. Both brands are registered at
OEPM - Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas -. These 2 commercial names gather our large exclusive
and high-quality offer.
Nowadays, our products are not only dedicated to a large national public but also to an international one.
Indeed, our products are commercialized within Europe: France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium,
Portugal and of course also to China and Mexico.
Thanks to an enterprising, young and multicultural team, we have been able to reach a national and
international public. We offer a large range of products: the best wines with designation of origin, Iberian
Charcuterie, Bellota Ham, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other exclusive products with designation of origin,
such as a unique beer made with Jerez wine, an exceptional artisanal coffee liqueur from Cordoba and of
course the best French Champagne A.O.C, and the incomparable Saffron under the PDO La Mancha
     This E-commerce thanks all these persons that trusted us from the beginning, even when this idea was
only a dream. Thanks to the one who trusted and understood us, the one who designed our Logos
perfectly expressing our philosophy: our project manager Diego Sastre from Rosario, Argentina.
Of course, thanks to all who have been accompanying us during this journey and supported us no matter
what. Specially thanks to our friends and family.
Underline the trust and professionalism of our partners Bodegueros Riojanos, third generation of
millennial lands and centennial vineyards located in la Rioja Alta: region of customs and quality. We are
referring to successors: D. Alfredo Lozano Benés, D. Alfredo Ciria Ayala y D. Luis Sáenz
Crossing borders, we want to express our sincere appreciation to Mr. Frédérick van Gaver-Chodzko -
President of GROUPE ESA PARIS – France and specially to Mr. Cyrille Moreau - Director of Saint
Boniface Center in Genève - Switzerland, thanks for your economic and business courses.

Thanks to Mrs. Kim Kiyosaki, Mr. Robert T. Kiyosaki y Mr. John Fleming for lightening the sails in the
middle of the Pacific Ocean, changing direction to Puerto Vallarta, marking the quadrants and markers
but also thanks for designing the idea of the new business of XXI century. 

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Authentic Spanish Flavors
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